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2 Responses to Contact/Hire Me

  1. Kris says:

    I read your blog about tough times. Girl I have been through hell these last few months myself. I went from being a highly respected hard working wife in mother to dealing with domestic violence. Going to jail for defending myself because I couldn’t prove that I was defending myself. I couldn’t imagine that my husband would lie on me and leave me in a jail cell with murderers. A jail where the inmates in my cell couldn’t go out of the cell for anything except medical necessity or court. A jail cell where the inmates were sleeping with the guards for snicker bars and jolly ranchers. Yes, he left me there. And while I was there he went to the human resources at my job and told them that he felt threatened for his life and could not work with me. I was suspended for 2 months and then I lost my job, had to allow my son to move in with my parents, and had to drop out of nursing school two weeks before graduation to keep my house from foreclosing. I couldn’t even get a job at Walmart. It was hard going to interviews having to explain that I was fired from my only working experience because I shot my husband with the gun he intended to kill me with. But God gave me a little 9 dollar an hour job after 4 months of looking. In the process, I lost 110 pounds. I was a wreck. Asking God Why me? But Girl God had his way with me and it has made me appreciate things a lot more. It has made me a stronger person. When I went to court in August, I was facing 20 years minimum of day for day time for defending myself. But the lord he turned it all around and I was proved not guilty through a unanimous vote of all 12 jurors. I could go on and on about… I find peace in telling the world what God did for me.
    I have learned that the tough times come before the biggest blessings. I have learned that the devil attacks you when there is a door open somewhere that leads to many new opportunities. I admire that you are out there following your dreams. I know it gets hard sometimes. But just remember the victory is in Jesus. And I can clearly see that you are destined for really great things. Continue to be an inspiration and continue to do what God has called you to do. Even during the season of contradiction.

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